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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By Tulsa Elite Power Washing Services

What's The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Soft Washing?

Pressure washing and soft washing are both effective exterior cleaning methods. Soft washing uses less pressure from a sprayer and starts with a chemical cleaning treatment to break down dirt and contaminants. Once the cleaning detergent is applied, a low-pressure hose washes away the solution and dirt. This sprayer creates a wider spray, using less pressure than a traditional pressure washing nozzle. Soft washing is ideal for protecting exterior surfaces that are easily damaged by a powerful sprayer - wood siding, your roof, or fence. Our house washing uses a soft washing process. Pressure washing uses a forceful sprayer to remove tough stains from hard surfaces like concrete driveways or brick patios.

How Often Should I Get My House Washed?

Our experts recommend you pressure wash your home at least once every year, depending on the weather, your home's siding materials, and the rate of other contaminants building up. The best answer is when your home looks like it could use a good cleaning, give us a call. A soft wash is ideal for house washing while also protecting the siding and landscape from any damage. Using a high-pressure sprayer to frequently clean your home is not recommended as it is likely to break down your home's exterior, causing damage and possibly expensive repairs in the future.

Is It Safe To Use High Pressure Washing On My Fence Or Deck?

A high-pressure washing on a fence or deck is not ideal for wood or vinyl surfaces that can easily be damaged by a forceful stream of water. Fencing or decking made of more durable surfaces like brick or concrete can withstand pressure washing. It is best to leave these exterior cleaning projects to a professional so that the best cleaning method and tools are used for each project. Tulsa Elite Power Washing Services are pressure washing in Tulsa experts and will get the job done right.

Do You Use Any Harsh Chemicals In Your Cleaning Processes?

The cleaning solutions we use are safe to use around your home, but also tough enough to power away dirt and grime. Our soft wash cleaning applies a gentle, but effective cleaning solution to a surface before washing away the solution and dirt with a wide spray of water.

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